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Embassy of the Republic of Namibia

Statement by His Excellency Dr. Hifikepunye Pohamba, President of the Republic of Namibia on the Occasion of the Commemoration of the 24th Anniversary of Independence

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21 March 2014, Windhoek (*Check Against Delivery)


Your Excellency, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and Dame Goodluck Jonathan,

Your Excellency, Comrade Sam Nujoma, Founding President and Father of the Nation,

Right Honourable Dr. Hage Geingob, Prime Minister of the Republic of Namibia,

Honourable Dr. Theo-Ben Gurirab, Speaker of the National Assembly,

Honourable Asser Kapere, Chairperson of the National Council,

Your Honour Peter Shivute, Chief Justice,

Honourable Ministers from Nigeria and Namibia,

Honourable Members of Parliament,

My Dear wife and First Lady of the Republic of Namibia, Madam Penehupifo Pohamba,

Distinguished Service Chiefs,

Honourable Governors,

Your Worship the Mayor of Windhoek and other Mayors,

Honourable Regional and Local Authority Councillors,

Distinguished Chairperson of the Council of Traditional Leaders,

Esteemed Leaders of Political Parties,

Your Excellencies, Members of the Diplomatic Corps,

Esteemed Traditional and Spiritual Leaders,

Veterans of the National Liberation Struggle,

Distinguished Invited Guests,

Members of the Media,

Fellow Namibians,

I would like to start by expressing a warm welcome to our Guest of Honour, His Excellency Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, Dame Jonathan and the entire Nigerian delegation, for gracing our 24th Independence Anniversary with your eminent presence.

Namibia is honoured to host you, Your Excellency on this special occasion. Once again, welcome home away from home.

Your presence here is testimony to the strong bonds of friendship and excellent bilateral relations existing between Namibia and the Federal Republic of Nigeria. It is also a reminder that progressive peoples, organizations and countries such as Nigeria made immense contribution to the achievement of Namibia’s freedom and independence.

In a demonstration of true solidarity, the Frontline States and Nigeria, the Cuban Internationalist Forces, many countries in Africa and around the world provided moral and material support to SWAPO. This was vital in our historic mission to liberate our country from apartheid colonialism. We will always remain grateful to you and our many friends for your steadfast solidarity.

Director of Ceremonies,

On this day, 24 years ago, Namibia joined the community of free nations as an independent Republic. This historic milestone was achieved following a protracted national liberation struggle against apartheid colonialism, in which countless Namibians sacrificed their lives and shed their precious blood. Today, we celebrate a historic triumph for all Namibian people.

We are proud that the Namibian people from different political persuasions came together in an unprecedented act of patriotism and crafted one of the most acclaimed national constitutions in the world. This enduring fundamental law enshrines and guarantees our people’s most fundamental rights and basic freedoms, including the right to life, equality, freedom of expression, and freedom of association.

It is the foundation upon which we established our new Republic, determined to advance the best interest of all our people, and ready to make its contribution towards global peace and security.

Director of Ceremonies,

This nation will always celebrate and give requisite honour to our proud history. It is for this reason that we have established monuments and shrines to honour them. Yesterday, we unveiled the Genocide Memorial Statue and the Sam Nujoma Statue, and inaugurated the Independence Memorial Museum in the centre of our Capital City.

The Genocide Memorial pays tribute to our people who fought and died during the 1904 to 1907 war of genocide, while the Nujoma Statue represents Namibia’s modern national liberation struggle.

With the inauguration of the Independence Memorial Museum, we now have an institution, which records Namibia’s long anti-colonial resistance as well as the modern liberation struggle. All the three monuments are located at site where a concentration camp was built by German colonial forces.

Director of Ceremonies,

Over the past twenty-four years, we have established the necessary framework for democratic governance and put in place public institutions of the State. We have maintained peace, security and stability, which in turn have ensured a conducive environment for our Government to deliver public goods and services to our people.

The values and traditions of good governance and the rule of law have been nurtured and continue to grow deep roots, feeding a healthy tree of democracy.

Multi-party democratic elections have been held in our country at all levels over the years, demonstrating our steadfast commitment to upholding and preserving our chosen system of governance.

Later this year, Presidential and National Assembly Elections will be held. We have no doubt that these elections will be conducted in a free, fair and peaceful environment.

We are proud that the peaceful transfer of political power in our country has become the norm, rather than the exception. It is on this basis that on 21st March 2005, there was a peaceful and orderly hand-over of power to me from the Founding President of our Republic, His Excellency Dr. Sam Nujoma, whose term of office had come to an end in terms of our National Constitution.

Director of Ceremonies,

In addition to building and consolidating our institutions of democratic governance, our Government has broadened the delivery of public services to our people. We have also expanded and modernized physical and communication infrastructure around the country as part of fulfilling our governance mandate.

The approach of our Government has always been to focus on, and prioritize the delivery of the basic public services, which are essential for the improvement of the living conditions of our communities. Hence, we have consistently placed the provision of education, health care, housing, electricity and potable water at the centre of our service delivery strategies.

Furthermore, we have implemented policies that empower women, the youth, veterans of the liberation struggle, the elderly, people with disabilities, as well as orphans and vulnerable children.

Currently, we are implementing the National Mass Housing Programme to address the housing backlog in the country. More than 108,000 houses will be built over the next 17 years targeting and benefiting thousands of our citizens, especially the low-income groups, including those who currently live in informal settlements.

In addition, we have focused our attention on policies that are aimed at boosting economic growth, combating extreme poverty, and bringing about economic empowerment of our citizens, especially women and the youth.

Director of Ceremonies,

There is no other urgent, or more pressing duty on the collective shoulders of this nation, than the imperative of pursuing the task of nation building and economic development with dedication and commitment.

Each one of us, whether we are teachers, nurses, engineers, farmers, civil servants, business-persons, politicians, traditional leaders, spiritual leaders, community leaders, peasants and ordinary citizens should play our role and contribute to the development of our country.

Together, we can overcome and eradicate poverty. Together, we will improve the living conditions of our people. Together, we shall make Namibia’s star shine brighter.

Director of Ceremonies,

As a nation, we shall continue to work hand in hand within SADC, the AU, the United Nations and other international fora to promote and maintain global peace and security, and sustainable development.

Similarly, we will continue to stand firm in solidarity with the peoples of Western Sahara and Palestine until they too, are able to exercise their inalienable rights to self-determination.

Director of Ceremonies,

The Electoral Commission of Namibia recently completed the general registration of voters. This will facilitate the compilation of a new voters’ roll, which will be used in the Presidential and National Assembly Elections later this year. I commend the Electoral Commission for its good work.

I also commend all Namibians who fulfilled their civic duty and registered as voters.

Those eligible voters who were unable to register, and those Namibians who will turn 18 years of age by September 2014, will be able to register during the Supplementary Registration of Voters in September. I urge them all to register.

The inauguration of the new President and Members of the National Assembly next year will, once again, demonstrate the maturity and strength of our democracy. We are proud that democracy in our country has ensured peace and stability and provided a conducive environment for socio-economic development and progress. Yes, the challenges are many, however, they are not insurmountable. Therefore, we are facing the future with confidence and determination.

I call upon the entire nation to always stand together and work together for the achievement of our National Development Goals and Vision 2030. Let us always give our very best in the advancement and development of the Land of the Brave.

Our victory over apartheid colonialism 24 years ago put our nation on a new course. We will never look back. We must forge ahead, motivated by the dedication of our fore-bearers who achieved so much, with so little. Their blood waters our freedom!

Today, Namibians must harness all the resources that our country is endowed with, to eradicate poverty, deliver quality services to all, expand infrastructure, and make Namibia a better society.

No Namibian must be left behind. All our people should have equal opportunity to realize their potential. Let us move forward together as a visionary nation towards 2030.

I wish you all a Happy 24th Independence Anniversary.

Long Live the Republic of Namibia!

I thank you.

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Important Notice

KINDLY NOTE THAT GENERAL REGISTRATION OF VOTERS WILL TAKE PLACE FROM WEDNESDAY, 15 JANUARY 2014 – SUNDAY, 2 MARCH 2014 at the Embassy of the Republic of Namibia to the USA in Washington DC (1605 New Hampshire Avenue,NW, Washington, DC, 20009) and the Permanent Mission of the Republic of Namibia to the UN in New York (360 Lexington Ave, Suite 1502 New York, NY 10017). Registration points will be open six days a week (Monday to Saturday) throughout the registration process.








  1. As you may be aware, the people of Namibia will be heading to the polls to exercise their democratic right in taking part in the Presidential and National Assembly elections slated for November 2014. In this regard, the Electoral Commission of Namibia is undertaking the general registration of voters  exercise, to issue all eligible voters with new (Biometric) voters' cards, and  produce a new voters roll. This process is open to all Namibian citizens who are 18 years and older, irrespective of whether they possess an old voter's card or not. 

  2. Documents to bring at the registration point
    The applicant should bring one of the following documents to proof his/her citizenship: 
    2.1 Old or new Namibian identity card 
    2.2 Valid Namibian passport 
    2.3 A valid Namibian driver's license (to be used as an identification but could not be used to prove the citizenship) 
    If the applicant doesn't have any of the above-mentioned documents, he/she can be represented by two registered people who should identify themselves to the registration officials by producing their Voter Registration Cards (VRC) and any of the above-mentioned documents. The applicant should also provide one of the following documents: 
    2.4 Certificate of Citizenship 
    2.5 A birth certificate (issued by the Namibian Authority)

    3.1. The registration of voters will take place at the Embassy of the Republic of Namibia to the USA in Washington DC (1605 New Hampshire Avenue, NW, Washington, DC, 20009) and the Permanent Mission of the

    Republic of Namibia to the UN in New York (360 Lexington Ave, Suite 1502 New York, NY 10017). 
    Registration points will be open six days a week (Monday to Saturday) throughout the registration process. 

    3.2. Further information can be obtained by contacting registration officials at the Embassy of Namibia in Washington DC at + 1 202 986 0540 (Mr. Isai Keja and Mrs. Fiindje Shimakeli), and at the Permanent Mission of Namibia to the UN in New York at + 1 212685 2003 (Ms. Sevelina Etuna Ashipala and Mr. Stephanus Hendrickse). Additional information regarding the registration process can also be obtained at http://www.ecn.na .
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