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Establishment of a Database of Professional Namibians in the Diaspora
Namibia needs to develop human capital and build institutional capacity to absorb the labor force necessary to meet the demands of the economy. Read more
Climbing the Dunes of Sossusvlei
There are several massive dunes near the iconic Sossusvlei in Namibia, and hiking to the top of these dunes is a wonderful way to get amazing panoramic views of the famous vlei and its surroundings. There are no restrictions as to what dunes you can climb up, but there are trails that are more popular than others. Read more
Rafting down the Kunene River with crocodiles
Our trusty Land Cruiser was filled with dust as we drove across the rocky mountains of the Kunene Region, as far North in Namibia as we could go. We passed through the last town, Opuwo (meaning ‘the end’ in Herero), and deep into what used to known as Kaokoland or faraway land, then all the way up to the Angolan border. At Epupa the lush Kunene River appeared in front of us like a mirage. A palm-fringed oasis in the middle of the desert. Read more

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